Greetings from GRAPA's Chairperson for Gabon

As GRAPA chairperson for Gabon, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you.  I am very excited about GRAPA and the potential benefits for all the membership in the area.   The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association, GRAPA, provides the opportunity for its worldwide membership to exchange ideas and experiences as it relates to their profession.  It’s an opportunity for all telecommunications professionals to increase their knowledge and share experiences with one another.  I would see GRAPA becoming the leading association for telecommunications professionals.

To increase our proficiency, it’s important for revenue assurance professionals to be trained.  Training however is not without a cost.  Though courses are available, and in fact certification as a revenue assurance professional, it is difficult to afford the cost of the training itself.  I don’t necessarily believe the cost is prohibitive, just that the benefits of the training are not expressed adequately enough to justify the cost.  I would think assistance is needed in providing a cost-benefit analysis to our employers which would provide the assurance that the training is an ‘enabler’ to the employee in performing at a higher degree of competency.

This would be an interesting topic for discussion…please let me have your thoughts (in the comments below).

I am very much interested in seeing our membership grow as a group of professionals, and would like to see communication within the group increase as well.  I am going to be posting periodically to my blog throughout the year with topics of interest to the group, as well as hosting web based town hall meetings.  I would be interested in hearing from you as to what interests you have as well.